Friday, June 27, 2014

Oh Mexico!


Today I've decided to write about my recent trip to my home country and the wonderful experience I had while traveling through the roads of Mexico. Although, I felt somehow out of place while visiting Mexico, due to the fact that I have spent most of my adult life in the US, I cannot deny my pride and love for my cultural heritage. 

For those of you out there who think Mexico is only a field full of drug dealers and unspeakable violence I have bad news; Mexico overflows with ancient traditions and cultures while offering breathtaking scenery and magical places to visit. That is why I decided to show some of the hidden Mexico that has yet to be recognized by the overwhelming international media. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Before we can start you should know that Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos (official name of the country) has a total of 32 different states and a federal district (Mexico City.) Each state possess its unique culture(s) and distinctive traditions, attires and foods. In addition to Spanish the Mexican government officially recognizes 68 different indigenous dialects (but many others are spoken among smaller populations) 

Lets get started with my home town: Mexico City. the first picture is from the Palacio de Bellas Artes (the Palace of the Beautiful Arts) where you can enjoy worldwide known classical concerts and art expositions. The next picture is a night shoot at an iconic building in the heart of Mexico City: La Torre Panamericana. The last picture is another iconic feature of Mexico city; el Angel de la Indepedencia (the Independence Angel) and the place where I celebrated Mexico's classification to the next round in the soccer world cup ; )

Next one of my favorite states in the country; Chiapas. First is the Canon del Sumidero, followed by Cascadas de Agua Azul and finally some of the most beautiful Mayan ruins: Palenque. 

Now some people may say that the following pictures were taken in Holland, Russia or Spain; well ladies and gentlemen this is Mexico! The first picture is Monclova in the state of Coahuila. The next picture is from the state of Chihuahua and lastly the Cathedral in San Miguel de Allende in the beautiful state of Guanajuato. 

I hope you guys can see by now that Mexico has lots to offer to the world, and that these amazing places deserve a little more attention. The following pictures are more examples of the natural beauty that Mexico offers. The first picture is from Tlalmanalco in the state of Mexico. Followed by the bay at the state of Tampico. Finally the picture of Hierve el Agua in the State of Oaxaca, where I spent most of my vacation, this picture shows petrified waterfalls.  

After 3 years since my last visit, I had the chance to visit Mexico and experience some of its beauty. Although, I am really proud of my roots and I actively try to preserve them I couldn't help to feel like a stranger in my country. As mentioned before I have spend most of my adult life in the US and I believe it is safe to say that I am use to the quiet and peaceful life that Utah offers me. As soon as I reached Mexico city with its 20 Million people trying to coexist in the same space I felt overwhelmed. After some traveling around I found myself in the State of Oaxaca and the bays of Huatulco. 

Even though the heat was extremely humid, Huatulco was undoubtedly the most relaxing part of my trip with my young family. We enjoy a beautiful place full with beautiful and kind people who enjoyed showing us around and let us know the best hidden secrets that the small town of Santa Maria Huatulco had to offer; from the best best food to the most wonderful virgin-areas where we had the chance to enjoy pristine nature. Here are some of the pictures we took while in Huatulco, Oaxaca (BTW I would recommend this place to anybody.)

It is amazing how much we, sometimes, take for granted the style of life we can enjoy here in the US. I feel thankful for the many blessings we receive. I don't only mean 60" flat screens in our homes or a nice car to drive to school/work; I mean the possibility to afford such things, the fact that we can have clean water and good food at our tables. This trip helped me to realize how fortunate I am to be in a country where freedom is for everyone and not something only a few can truly enjoy. A country where freedom means we are free to build ourselves to be the best version of us. 

It was a great time but now is time to get back and focus on getting ready for my Fall semester and my senior year. I hope you guys are having a blast this summer be safe out there! 

*The credit to some of the pictures goes to the internet (really to those who shoot them) since in some cases I didn't have a decent enough picture of my own.

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